What is a Brand Compass?

Why it is so Important for your Marketing Planning

October 18, 2022 12PM EST

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Marketing for small businesses constantly brings frustration to a business owner or the person in a company who is responsible for new business development.

They chase outcomes bouncing from one advertising platform to the next, rarely obtaining the “results” they are looking for. A Brand Compass heads off frustration through strategic planning and providing a road map to develop a message, place advertising, and be proactive with the results.

Developing a Brand Compass will bring clarity to all of your marketing collateral, internal and external. 

Doing the hard work to clearly articulate the services or goods you provide and articulate your differentiation from your competitors will have lasting impact on growing your business.  While a creative brief is an important document for a specific project, a Brand Compass is the enterprise document that ensures your marketing has clarity and cohesion throughout all phases of your strategic marketing plan.


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The time spent by owners and business development professionals wishing their advertising worked better is exhausting.  Learning how a Brand Compass improves your marketing and then doing the work to create one is the best investment of time and money you will make this year.

A Brand Compass is fundamental to protecting the investments you make in your marketing and advertising efforts.

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