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Is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting your business? As a small business owner, you play a crucial role in stimulating our economy and embody the spirit of the American dream. As a token of our gratitude, White Hart is offering resources and strategic consulting to help your business reach its marketing goals during this period of economic uncertainty.

Making a Pivot in your Small Business

It’s understandable to feel helpless in the face of this current health crisis, but you have an opportunity to take proactive steps to achieve your business goals. The areas you’ve not had time for in the past as it relates to your marketing and business plan are critical areas to focus on. This is where our cutting-edge Business and Marketing Diagnostic tool comes in.
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Our team is committed to your success

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We are a small team driven by a passion to elevate your business to the next level. Inspired by our core values, our team has built an innovative Business and Marketing Diagnostic tool to help you to tackle important business needs often left by the wayside.


What You Get From Our Marketing Diagnostic

We understand times are tough on everyone’s wallet, that’s why we’ve removed the cost for our Business and Marketing Diagnostic tool. What was $599 is now a “pay what you can” donation-based system. Whether your business is flush or in the red, you’ll receive an all-access pass to White Hart’s expertise and one-to-one coaching from our team of seasoned marketing professionals to help your business thrive and grow through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

How it works

  • When you sign up for our Business and Marketing Diagnostic tool, you’ll go through the navigation and provide us the information we need to run our initial analysis.
  • If we need additional information, we’ll be sure to reach out.
  • Next, we’ll get in touch with you and schedule a call with one of our coaches to go over the report from our analysis.
  • We’ll end the call by outlining clear action items specific to you and your business.

What the Diagnostic App will Look AT

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A New Normal

When the dust of this public health crisis has settled, our world will be a markedly different place. Adapting to this new norm is the only thing we can do when that time comes. While we wait for that day, let’s continue to do great business – let’s do it together.

Let's get Started!

Millions of businesses are struggling to stay afloat in this current climate. We are opening our Business and Marketing Diagnostic tool to any small business in need of a helping hand. The backbone of America is the men and women who dedicate their lives to their business and create jobs for Americans. If you or someone you know needs help, let’s get started. What was a $599 value is now a “pay what you can” donation-based system for all-access to White Hart’s innovative marketing diagnostic tool.

Streamline your marketing efforts to achieve more effective results for your business today..