How to Repurpose Content You Create

Yes, I know. I’m going to repurpose all of my content. Everybody tells me to do that, but I have no clue how that even happens. All right, so let’s take this video right here.  I’m going to start with this video on LinkedIn and then I’m going to take it and use the transcription for my copy and I’m going to start with LinkedIn.

Then I’m going to take this over to Instagram. I’m going to take this over to Facebook, and I’m going to take this over to Twitter as well.  Again, I’ve taken the transcript from this video and I’m using it as my copy for each of the platforms that I’m posting on. I’m also going to take this video and I’m going to put it on a YouTube short. What most people overlook is you can take this video and the transcript and build a landing page.

When you have something, an aspect of your business, your expertise that you have, and you create that landing page, there is so much benefit to that. Your video is working for you 24 /7. You’ve got new indexable copy that is unique to you because this is your thoughts you’re putting out there on video.

That’s what repurposing is, a good example, a practical example of repurposing. Start with a video on LinkedIn and then carry it all the way through to your website. If want, even email it out, have your email list and share it with them. Now, if that sounds like a lot, then get some help. I would love to have conversation with you.

Heck 30 minutes, we can get 10 high quality videos for you that you can take and you can repurpose everywhere you need.

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