Rafael Salazar Testimonial

When I first contracted with White Hart on a project with a few other professionals, we’d come together to build some Continuing Education and education products for a very specific, very niche industry.We wanted somebody that both could capture the emotion behind what we were doing, because what the area that we were going to be working on was of that of developmental disabilities and patients, and how you care for them.

 We wanted to convey the passion that drove that project through the production of the video product, the video courses that we were creating, and White Hart’s awesome staff was very professional, timely.

 At the same time, when we saw the videos afterwards, they caught the intention behind which we were doing the production. So, it wasn’t just a bland, you know, talking head video. There was a lot of dynamics in the production that made it very high end, but then at the same time, conveyed our professional and personal involvement and intention behind the project.

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