What we do isn’t magic, it’s human. When we take the time to understand people, we can impact them in profound ways that lead to action.

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Client Accompaniment: Mark & JoAnn Herbert

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At White Hart Insight, we prioritize the client. Our focus isn’t just handing you a product and sending you on your way; when you work with White Hart, we commit to walking with you every step of the way to reach your goals, no matter what those goals end up being.


Take Mark Herbert. Mark came to White Hart in 2018 looking for help in making his ambitions a reality. At the start, Mark’s goal was focused on an outreach campaign for an election; but that wasn’t his ambition. We understand that people can come into a project thinking they want one thing, but that same desire can quickly evolve into another. That was the case with Mark.

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When Mark started working with White Hart Insight, the first step we took with him was building a website for his election campaign. Now mind you, Mark didn’t have a clear deliverable in mind. He didn’t walk in wanting a website. He wasn’t invested in just winning an election, or even just working with White Hart Insight for a single, neat result.

 He did walk in knowing what he was passionate about: charitable giving. Mark was always focused on helping others and encouraging people to do the same. He wanted to use the platform he had to support that goal. If you want to be a successful philanthropist, though, you need a steady income of money to give away, and Mark knew he needed a better way to reach people.


But knowing what you want doesn’t always mean you know what you need to get there. That’s where White Hart Insight works best. When it came to Mark’s ambitions, White Hart knew the roadmap to follow, hitting the ground running to make those ambitions into a concrete reality. We knew how to take the first steps to getting Mark to his goal, but we also knew how to keep following those footsteps through. Building a website for Mark’s election was one step, but White Hart didn’t stop there and declare the job done. When Mark turned his focus to charitable giving, White Hart Insight took an asset meant for the election and repurposed it from something disposable into something that would carry Mark’s goals forward.

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It didn’t matter whether Mark had a solid outcome in mind or not. At White Hart Insight, it’s our job to meet a client where they’re at and get them where they want to be. For Mark, he had a passion and a mission in mind, but the way forward was unclear. White Hart Insight met him at that starting point and helped pave the way forward, guiding and shaping his dreams into concrete deliverables. We understand that the road to your goals can change, and we’re here to guide you and change your strategy to see those goals through, wherever that road takes you.