Scary Brand Fails

October 31, 2023

Paul Sterett

Our Favorite Scary Brand Failures

Get ready to be spooked this Halloween with some seriously scary brand failures! We’re diving into the dark world of United Airlines, where a broken guitar turned into a viral sensation and showed us the power of social media.

United Airlines Breaks Guitars

Once upon a time, before user-generated content took over the world, a Canadian musician named Dave Carroll had a bone to pick with United Airlines. After tirelessly begging for a year, he decided to take matters into his own hands. And boy, did he make some noise!

Carroll’s quest for justice turned into an epic YouTube sensation. His viral video not only smashed records, but it also became a prime example of the power of social media. This spine-chilling tale proves that every little thing a brand does can haunt them in the realm of brand communication.

1-800-Flowers Late Deliveries

But that’s not all – lovebirds were left heartbroken on Valentine’s Day when 1-800-Flowers failed to deliver on their promises. Angry customers took to Twitter to demand refunds, sharing screenshots of disappointing products and delivery confirmations that never showed up. Love was definitely not in the air that day!

When a Hashtag Becomes a Bashtag

And who could forget when McDonald’s launched a #McDStories campaign, only to be greeted by trolls and haters? Their attempt to get heartwarming stories quickly turned into a nightmare, with one tweet comparing their food to a week-old box of Chicken McNuggets left in the sun. Yikes!

When The Strive for the Illusion of Perfection Backfires

And finally, Victoria’s Secret is no stranger to brand failures. They continue to promote unrealistic standards of beauty that are physically impossible to achieve. Their photoshopped models have sparked campaigns like Dove’s Real Beauty, with one poor model even missing an arm!

These brand failures are truly terrifying and remind us that even the biggest companies can make some bone-chilling mistakes. Don’t let these scary stories become your stories.



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