target profile

May 28, 2020

Paul Sterett

Effective marketing is critical to the success of any burgeoning brand. However, many businesses flounder early on by creating a strategy without defining a target audience or building a target market customer profile to properly channel their marketing messages to. 

Before you jump head first into executing your marketing initiatives, invest the time and resources into creating a target market customer profile. This profile will paint a picture of your ideal consumer based on a combination of demographics and psychographics. By targeting your advertising to a specific market segment, your brand will ultimately be more effective in capturing new leads, find more success in selling a particular product and improve your bottom line. Without a clearly defined target market customer profile, you may end up pushing your product offering in front of the wrong audience and risk diluting your value across a larger audience.

At White Hart Insights, we understand defining a target audience isn’t as simple as throwing broad parameters around gender and age. Women and men between the ages of 25-55 have wildly varying interests and sets of values. The White Hart team goes a step further by using the DiSC model survey to craft a highly targeted and customized target market customer profile based around your product offering and business goals.

The DiSC model, based on the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston in the 1920s, is an intuitive, straightforward, standardized, and simplified way to assess and categorize behavioral styles and preferences. The DiSC survey classifies people’s behavior into four types (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) by looking at their preferences on two scales: Task versus People. Fast-Paced versus Moderate-Paced.

Your personalized target market customer profile feature is included in White Hart Insight’s innovative marketing diagnostic app. This powerful tool identifies the areas your business not only leaking revenue, but losing the opportunity to generate revenue. Capture the critical elements of your business needed to get a sustainable marketing plan in place with our marketing diagnostic, powered by White Hart Insight. 


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