filling holes in your marketing plan

October 24, 2022

Paul Sterett

Have you ever been on an early walk in the woods and from a distance seen a beautiful spider web glistening in the twilight?   You can see all the work the spider has put into building each ring.  But as you get close enough to see the detail, you notice a number of holes in the web. 

Marketing plans for most businesses are like this spider web.  They can catch customers, but the holes allow a lot of revenue to slip through.  Three common holes that are worth your time to patch are Google My Business – GMB (now called Google Business Profile), company websites, and video.

Filling the Google My Business Hole

This shouldn’t be news to you, but Google is the standard when it comes to online search.  Much like Kleenex is what we call all tissue, Google is dominant in the minds of the average person when they are searching for something on the internet.  

If you have not been paying attention, a search result is a list of what Google deems most relevant to your search.  After the paid ads at the top of the page you will find a list of businesses most relevant to what you are looking for.  What makes these businesses relevant?  Available information.  More specifically up to date information and lots of it. 

Start with making sure your basics are filled out: hours of operation, contact info, business description, and services you offer. Then add content.  The more content you add as posts to your GMB profile the more a potential customer will have to evaluate and the more Google will want to show you in a search result.  Post static graphics and videos that promote offers, services, and articulate what makes you different from your competitors.

Encourage your customers to post reviews of their experience with your company.  The more reviews you have the more reassurance you provide for a potential customer considering you as a solution to satisfy their needs.  You’ll likely get some poor reviews along the way.  The best way to combat poor reviews is to bury them with a lot more good ones.  Make this part of your follow-up after you’ve delighted customers.

Filling the Company Websites Hole

These days it is shocking to find a business that does not have a website.  What’s not shocking is the number of businesses who build a website and then ignore it.  These businesses have checked the box and have moved on.  They are missing out on tremendous opportunities by not regularly maintaining an active website.  Are you one of these businesses?

A relevant and active website is crucial to being included in a search result.  Any and all search engines are in the business of delivering the best results for a search query.  If your website was built years ago and hasn’t been touched since, it is old and irrelevant.  Not good for showing up in searches.  

One of the easiest ways to keep your website fresh is by adding a blog and writing articles.  Writing and publishing serves you in multiple ways.  

First and foremost you need to feed the SEO monster.  Aim to consistently add 3,000 new words a month to your site and your domain authority will increase.  Many companies farm out the work of writing blog posts.  Not a bad approach if you feel you don’t have the time to write, but nothing will be more powerful than you doing the work.  

Expressing your point of view on your industry and how your business stands out from others gives you a big advantage.  In the research phase of your customers buying cycle, the words you write and publish carry a lot of weight in their decision making.  It also carries a lot of weight in your search rankings.  Google’s latest update puts emphasis on new content added with a unique point of view.  Keep feeding the SEO monster and write your blog posts yourself.  

If you feel like doing the writing yourself is too daunting because you are not a strong writer or you find it difficult to clearly articulate your thoughts, the best anecdote is practice.   Writing regularly will make you a better writer.  It will also make you a better thinker. Not everything you write needs to be published.  I have tons of writing that will never be shared, but doing the work helps me improve.

Filling the Video Hole

Not creating video content is a massive missed opportunity.  It is easier than ever to create, too.  All it takes is a little bit of planning and a little bit of courage.  If you are reading this article on your phone, you are holding most of what you need to create video content for your business. 

Before you press record, do a little bit of planning.  The easiest form of planning is by writing out a script.  Want a :30 second video?  Write 90 – 100 words.  Once you have it written, think of the visuals that will best support what you plan to say. Get someone on your team to weigh in on your script and visual ideas.  Collaboration makes it easier and more fun.

Set up in a place with good lighting and with little background noise.  If you are speaking directly to the camera, consider getting some supporting footage (B roll).  The extra footage takes the pressure off you to carry the performance throughout the video.  If the footage is on your phone there are plenty of apps you can download to edit it all together.  

You may be shaking your head thinking I’ve lost my mind.  Creating a video on your own can be done.  If you don’t feel you can go it alone and have the budget, hiring a professional is certainly an option.  We work with clients with a wide range of needs.  Some come to us just for editing their footage and some engage us to handle everything front to back. 

Regardless of how you create video for your business, you need to do it.  There is no better way to capture the attention of your potential customers and create distinction from your competitors.   Your customers are probably watching a video right now.  

Your video content can go everywhere.  Put it on your website, Facebook, Instagram, GMB,  LinkedIn, and email marketing.  Create video for every stage of your customer’s buying cycle.  Creating video will make an impact on the growth of your business. It will make you more visible online and serve as a sales tool that never takes a break.  It is one of the most important things you can do to make more money.

Review your marketing plan.  If you are not utilizing Google My Business, have neglected your website, or are not creating video, do yourself a favor and commit to start filling in one or all of these holes.  If you feel you need help, there is not a lack of options to find help.  Feel welcome to reach out and set up a conversation.  

I am the founder and owner of White Hart Insight. We specialize in marketing for small to medium sized businesses in Georgia and the Carolinas. Get in touch if you’d like to connect or email me at


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