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February 06, 2023

Paul Sterett

Do You Need Outside Marketing Help?

Every single business has an in-house marketing department.  Some departments may be a team of trained marketing professionals and some might be a department of one, a solo business owner.     

Regardless of size, every business should be engaged with a marketing consultant or advisor.  Here’s why.  You are too close to your business and need an outside perspective. 

Spell check is one of the most impactful tools ever created.  It has improved communication on many levels.  Nearly every platform that involves writing has it baked in. Unfortunately, your marketing and advertising strategies don’t come with a built in check. It is left to you to either review on your own with your team or engage outside help. 

Challenges of Reviewing your Own Marketing Plan

The primary challenge with leaving a marketing review to your in-house marketing department is the proximity to the work.  I’ve experienced this personally.  The more time I spend working on a project the more opportunity for items to be missed.  Things that live in my head never make it out.  It is comical at times the things my trusted advisors catch when I deliver something for their review.  

An outside perspective is helpful beyond catching something you may have missed or omitted.  It is a helpful tool in bringing more depth and creativity to your work.  When you have an experienced and thoughtful advisor, their perspective can help make small adjustments with impactful outcomes.  Running and growing your business is a high stakes endeavor.  Oftentimes small adjustments are what makes the difference between good and great.  The right perspective makes a difference. 

How Much Do I need to Engage a Marketing Consultant

The level at which you engage a marketing consultant will vary depending on your need.  Businesses go through different stages of growth and cycles.   Some seasons of your business journey you may need significant help.  In other seasons you may need more of a maintenance relationship.  Finding a consultant who can meet you where you are at should be your goal.

This is how we work with our clients at White Hart.  We begin each engagement with a diagnostic and a brand compass.  Our work on the front end is intensive and we are disciplined in our process.  This allows us to be present and responsive as our clients move in and out of seasons of their business.  More importantly, this allows us to create the desired outcomes for our clients.  

As you consider hiring a marketing consulting firm, look for one who has a holistic approach rather than focusing on a particular platform.  

We are here to accompany our clients through their marketing journey.  If you are looking for a new way to look at your company’s marketing contact us – we would love to talk with you more.

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