Join Paul Sterett and the White Hart Insight team for a live virtual workshop to dial in on your most profitable customer’s target profile.  The workshop is designed to maximize your personal learning experience.

The Customer Target Profile workshop is a good fit for you if:

• You’re a marketing director, small business owner, or entrepreneur responsible for the strategy and creative direction for your company.
• Your new customer growth is stunted and slow.
• You’re tired of your marketing collateral being lost in a sea of mediocre creative.
• You’re ready to create distinction from your competitors.
• You’re willing to commit to putting the work in and doing what needs to be done.

If you’re in the pursuit of marketing that is more effective and brings a greater return on investment, specifically, you are in pursuit of better customers, this workshop will help you identify customers who are better qualified, spend more money, and keep coming back to continue to spend money on your goods or services.

The Customer Target Profile Workshop is focused on:

Who will be receiving your message
What your message needs say
Where your message will be delivered
When your message will be received
How your customer will interact with your message

Most of your efforts to find better customers are focused on where your advertising is showing up – basically where a prospective client is viewing your advertising. Some effort is put into creating the message but not enough effort is given to creating the message for the target profile of the customer you are trying to reach.

In the world of marketing, conversation about marketing strategy and media buying center around groups of customers expressed as demographics. Demographics have a place and time where they are important, but to have a rightly ordered marketing strategy the focus on demographics needs to be, well, in the right order.

Expected outcomes if you attend the workshop.

When you complete the Customer Target Profile workshop you have a deeper understanding of the strategic connection between your customer’s buying cycle and your business cycle.

The insight and practical knowledge you gain from attending is immediately applicable to your business.

You’ll emerge with a deeper understanding of your most profitable customer’s motivation and journey in the buying cycle and the framework to build better creative that truly sets you apart in your marketplace.

Sign up today. Limited seating available!