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What is a Brand Compass?  It is the first step of work to be completed for all projects and clients we take on at White Hart Insight.  It is the guideposts for tactical work executed for marketing communications, both external and internal.  In our experience it is the most important element for a marketing plan to perform at the highest levels.

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The process of a brand compass is a guided conversation and interview with one of our team leads. It is not a cold conversation.  There are four elements to the process: pre-work, the conversation, post-work, and review.


This is on you. Once scheduled, a set of pre-work tasks will be shared with you.  This is to help you enter the right frame of mind for the time we spend together.  It will prompt you to be thinking in an optimal way to maximize the output of the conversation.


This is on both of us.  Whether we meet in person or via video call, one of our team leaders will guide you through the conversation.  Expect this to be hard work.  While we love to hear the fun stories you would tell at a party or a networking event, our goal is to draw the real stuff out of you that matters.  Don’t be surprised if we ask what seems to be the same questions three different ways.  You are conditioned to resist getting to the heart of the matter.  We all are.  It is part of the human condition. 


This is on us.  After our conversation, we will begin work and study our notes and the transcripts. Our job is to take everything we learned, through asking questions, listening, and observing, and creating a document that becomes your Brand Compass.  The document will be the source of truth that informs any tactical work you do yourself, with us, or with anyone else.  It is the language required to visually and audibly communicate with your customer in the most effective and impactful way. 


This is on you.  Once we have completed our work and delivered your Brand Compass, it is up to you to review for accuracy.  In the same manner we will challenge you to give your best, we expect you to challenge us if there is an area where we’ve missed the mark.  While we all strive for perfection, perfection is not likely without iteration and collaboration.  

The benefits and outcomes of your Brand Compass will be long lasting.  When you sit down to do your yearly marketing planning your Brand Compass will be your reference point.  When you transition your marketing plan into your advertising, your Brand compass will greatly inform and influence the messaging for your ads.  When you communicate both internally with your employees and externally with your customers, your Brand Compass will be your guide.

Every business should have a Brand Compass.  The great ones do.  Keep in mind that this is an element of your overall marketing strategy that is different from a brand book.  (If you don’t have one of those we need to talk.  You need both!)  When you are ready to take your marketing to a higher level and get a better return on your advertising investments, book a Brand Compass with us today.