For most busy entrepreneurs, the digital marketing environment can feel like a dense forest. You take those first few steps with the best intentions, determined to follow the “five simple steps to” path laid out by others who claim to know where the treasure is. How hard could it be to just follow along? Five simple steps and that path suddenly disappears. Just as you get your bearings and begin to make progress, everything disappears, immediately replaced by something completely new—and you’re back to square one.

Completely lost….

Your North Star

The digital marketing environment is truly an ever-changing forest. Those who venture in with no guide, no skills, no flexibility and no understanding of the changing terrain will never find their way in the dark.

What’s working today won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

And what you think you’ve just got a handle on right now … will be replaced by something else new week.

It’s exhausting and confusing

and keeping up leaves little time for you to do what you do. At White Hart Insights, we are a team of highly experienced digital navigators, helping you and your company move with ease through this fickle, wayward digital landscape.

Our guiding star as we chart your path is a deep understanding of your needs and the needs of your customers.

Before we take a single step, our team takes the time to get to know you and your business.

Every part of our digital marketing package is built around the core foundation of understanding why you do what you do.

Your values, the values of your customers, and our insights into consumer behavior

ensure that every step you take—your social media, your advertising, your marketing, your company communications—are a true reflection of who you are and why you do what you do. We know from experience that an authentic story that resonates with your customers is the most powerful, persuasive tool an entrepreneur can have when navigating the digital world.


Having spent many years in corporate sales, Paul Sterett, founder of White Hart Insights, developed a true talent for looking beyond the surface and asking his customers the deeper questions that drove their behavior. Paul discovered that many business problems could be effectively and elegantly solved by understanding the psychology that drove each particular client and their customer. He spent time asking the deeper questions, always looking for insights into the why behind what they do.

Many of those he worked with didn’t even know the answer themselves. They were lost in the ever-changing forest of their business, just trying to keep moving as everything around them changed. Many had become so disoriented that they had lost sight of why they ventured in to begin with.

Paul became their guide. The insights he gained from repeatedly asking these deep, psychology-based questions revolutionized his understanding of sales and laid the foundation for what would later become White Hart Insights.

White Hart Insights works with small and large businesses to provide clear digital guidance for companies lost in the ever-changing digital landscape. We use insights rooted in consumer behavior and psychology to create powerful, persuasive storytelling that reflects who you are and resonates your customers. With expertise in branding, marketing, advertising, social media, web developmental, video production and training, White Hart Insights is your digital north star.

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