December 13, 2022

Paul Sterett

These days gathering reviews & testimonials for your product or service is a big deal.  Rightfully so.  Customers use them to help make their final buying decision.  Video is another big deal these days.  People spend A LOT of time watching videos.  Combining the two needs to be part of your marketing strategy.   Here are three reasons why you should turn your written reviews and testimonials into video.

  1. You gain an edge over your competitors.
  2. They improve your online visibility. 
  3. They are versatile across many platforms. 

You Gain an Edge Over Your Competitors.

If you are in the final two or three businesses in consideration to satisfy a customer’s need, the quality and quantity of your written reviews and testimonials may be what gives you the edge.  What if the other businesses in consideration also have a lot of really good ones, too?   You’ve lost your edge.  The customer decision may come down to a coin toss. 

Video testimonials can regain the edge for you.  Even more, you likely create coveted separation from your competitors.  Video offers customers a level of engagement the written testimonial can’t provide.   Even the best written testimonials can lack important details and context other customers are looking for.  

Video allows you to deliver powerful visuals to support testimonials and reviews with detail of your product or service.  The spoken word, with its character and inflection, makes a big impact on the viewer.  A tasteful and thoughtful music bed can go a long way in setting the tone for the emotion you want the viewer to experience. 

They Improve Your Online Visibility.

When a customer searches for a good or service you provide, you do everything you can to show up in the search results.  Lots of effort goes into SEO.  With video consumption at an all time high, it plays an increasingly important role in online visibility.  

From a Google search perspective, video testimonials on your website are unique and authentic content to be considered when the algorithm is evaluating where you should be included in the search result.  Your ranking.  An optimized YouTube page housing your video testimonials gives you an advantage, too.  Google search results deliver relevant YouTube videos, often prominently.  YouTube being owned by Google and all that. 

Transcribing your video testimonials increases your online visibility.  Adding the transcript to your website under the video creates more content and keeps it fresh.  Just one new video testimonial a month posted to your website with the transcript will make a tremendous difference.  Adding the transcript in the description of your YouTube video makes your channel more robust.  It demonstrates you are active and thoughtful in the content you are creating.

Authentic, unique, and relevant content is critical to online visibility.  Video testimonials check each box.

Video Testimonials are versatile across many platforms.

Of all the marketing assets you invest your time and money into, video testimonials are one of the most versatile.  They can be posted to your website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business Profile, and more. 

Video testimonials give you versatility in the length.  One :60 video can be edited to have a :30 second and a :15 second version.  Depending on the platform or distribution of your video testimonials, the length does not necessarily have to be limited.  The quality of the content is the biggest factor in the final length of a video. A compelling two minute video can be just as effective as a :30 second video.  

The ability to share videos from one person to another on all platforms make your video testimonials even more valuable.   Friends and family of your customers are now part of your sales team.  They not only have the ability to share your video testimonials, but pretty much all platforms encourage them to share them.

Turn your written testimonials and reviews into video testimonials and use them everywhere!

Bonus reason: Video has a long shelf life.

A major advantage of video testimonials is their long shelf life.  When you invest your time and money into creating video testimonials, you can use them to grow your business for a long time.  Put in good planning, create compelling videos, and then use them for a long time to win more customers. 

If turning your written testimonials and reviews into video testimonials has not crossed your mind before now, make plans to get started.  The distinction you are looking to create for business will be accelerated by turning your written reviews and testimonials into video.


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