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Consumer Behaviour Marketing


Who We Work With

We work with businesses whose buying cycle requires strong connections with prospects to convert them into customers.

Consumers make buying decisions in a predictable pattern.

In the life of a consumer, only 5% of it is spent in a buying or transactional mode. In the remaining 95% of their lives, while they are not buying, they are primed for relationship building. The ones who build the strongest relationships with consumers before they are triggered into a buying  mode win, over and over.

Consumers do not buy any good or service without a need brought on by a specific situation.

Within 72 hours we scrub 92% of all the information we take in. The 8% of information that remains is highly needed or stuck there by a chemical memory.

95% of our consumer lives are relational and 5% are transactional.

This is the pattern every human takes, call it a consumer track. We live our lives, a situation kicks into a buying mode, we look at our options to satisfy our need, we do some research to confirm our choice, we contact, and we buy. Then the cycle starts over.

With 92% of information we consume being wiped as we sleep, businesses waste a tremendous amount of money blasting transactional messages on relational media.


We help businesses create the right messages,
for the right target profiles, on for the right platform.